Cupertino Robotics has always made it a priority to ensure that everyone is contributing equally to their team’s efforts. With the increasing interest in the Robotics Club on campus, one way that we, as a team, decided to tackle this problem was through the addition of a business team to the pre-existing software, hardware, and electrical teams. The business team’s four individual subteams are outreach, public relations (PR) , finance, and sponsorship development.

The outreach committee's goal is to create a community presence for Cupertino Robotics and focuses on ensuring that the community is aware of our program and to give exposure to robotics to as many people as possible. This is achieved through communication with other clubs and businesses as well as holding and attending events in our community. Working closely with the PR committee to complete projects, outreach is more focused on content while PR is more focused on aesthetics. Outreach creates the content for our bimonthly newsletter as well as for our website and also connects with other robotics teams and plans events such as the Silicon Valley Fall Festival for the club.

The PR committee is dedicated to handling and designing the things that communicate the message of Cupertino Robotics to the STEAM community around us. This includes creating posters, banners, signages, brochures, our team website, apparel, pits at competitions, our general profile, and much more. From maintaining the social media of the club to aiding outreach in maintaining contact with other robotics organizations, PR does it all.

Cupertino Robotics, a proud host of 12 individual teams, requires a large amount of money and micromanagement for entrance to competitions, supplies, and resources. The Finance division tracks all these expenses and ensures that each team is receiving enough money to attend competitions and build. A spreadsheet is used to organize and allocate the funds. The allocations are approved by our lead mentor to make sure that the money is fairly distributed and is a reasonable amount.

Every season, a budget is calculated to reflect the total sum received and spent by the program. The report includes specific categories for PR, Travel/Service, Tools, and alike to allow readers to have a more holistic understanding of the expenses. Additionally, graphs such as pie charts are used to present the information in an easy manner to read. At the end of every season, the report is sent to all Cupertino High School Robotics sponsors allowing corporations to view the financial situation of the club. This allows us to be as transparent as possible so companies and our community receives an accurate interpretation.


Interacting with Companies
We attend events across the Bay Area hosted by different companies and organizations like NVIDIA (pictured above).

All this being said, Cupertino Robotics is a school club whose only income comes from generous parent contributions, corporate grants, and fundraisers. It truly is help from the community that raises and enhances the robotics program, allowing us to reach out to more children. We are thankful for your support and hope that you, our community, continue to help out Cupertino High School Robotics!