PR and Outreach


PR and Outreach both hail from the business team, the most recently founded division of CHS Robotics. The two divisions are like salt and pepper, working in tandem and coordinating together in order to promote CHSR to public and corporate environments. Balancing the elements of journalism and design, the PR-Outreach collaboration effectively acts as a way for the outside world to gain insight into our organization. 

The underlying concept is simple; the outreach division works with various journalistic styles and writing techniques in order to produce well-written text-based content. This content is then given to the PR division, where designers work in Adobe to put it onto, pictures, banners, and media. As such, the two work closely for an effective working relationship where the messages we want to deliver are broadcast to the community.


Public Relations (PR)

PR centers itself around the art and design to create visual communication the public. Using programs such as Adobe, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Pro, students in PR learn the ins and outs of making beautiful looking media that draws attention from any angle. Making posters to advertise for sponsorship is a huge part of making the organization. Examples of PR's work include website maintenance, FLL workshop posters, club meeting promotional pictures, monthly tutorials on youtube, and FIRST submissions at various competitions.


While PR handles the visual aspect of promotional material, the content must be precisely generated and edited. The outreach division creates the script that PR then uses to create. Students in outreach handle various journalistic and writing methods in order to make pieces that smooth flowly, sound professional, and clearly deliver a message. Examples of outreach's work include the blurbs written for the website, the text on posters and banners, the scripts for videos (including vlogs, youtube tutorials, and FIRST videos) as well as the club.