Dedicated leaders with a proven record of success.



The adults who work behind the scenes to advise the leads and oversee all student activity.


Head Mentor

Charles Williams

FTC Mentors

Doug Lo

Dave Nelson

FLL Head Mentors

Mabel Lu

Vinayak Bagdi

FRC Mentors

Steve Howland

Matt Lucas

Sunny He

Jacob Mintz

Garrett Cullen

Ed Boesiger



Organization Leads

The students leading and managing the daily operations of the organization and the business division (including outreach, PR, sponsorship, and accounting).



Praneeth Guduguntla

PR Manager

Michelle Pan

 Outreach Manager

Raghavan Ramaswamy


Outreach Manager/Photographer

Shivani Sahni

Meeting/Social Manager

Akash Praveen


Rithu Eswaramoorthy


FRC Leadership

The students leading and managing our varsity team, 2473 Goldstrikers.


Project Manager

Justin Du

Competition Manager

Shruthi Jaganathan