Last Season

CHS’s 3 FLL teams competed at qualifiers. Although none went to qualifiers, one team won the judges award.

With the help of FRC and FTC students, students competed in 3 teams on last year’s challenge, Hydro Dynamics. To help the Core Values Judges learn more about the teams, students presented a Core Values Poster. The poster demonstrated how FLL teams used teamwork, good sportsmanship, and gracious professionalism not just in competitions and meetings, but in their everyday lives. FLL was a platform for many students to discover more about STEM activities, and the STEM world.  

Current Season

Students will solve real- world problems in the 30th season of FIRST Lego League in the challenge INTO ORBIT! Students will build, test and program an autonomous robot to solve their missions using Lego Mindstorms technology. As they work on The Challenge, they must also identify a social or physical problem faced by humans during long- term space exploration, and design a way to solve one of the problems. After selecting a problem, they will need to find out about current solutions that are being developed, and  discuss why this problem is difficult to solve. They will also imagine ways to improve current solutions.

Meetings will being during preseason, as teams bond and learn how to work together. They will encounter some difficulties and boundaries that will temporarily prevent them from taking off, but by integrating Core Values and Gracious Professionalism in their teamwork, their discoveries will allow them to blast off, and go into orbit!  



Summer Workshop

From July 22 to August 5 2017, Cupertino High School Robotics conducted a three-day workshop for 5 hours each, to teach middle school children from around the Bay Area about lego robotics. Each session was split into four hour-long stations, each one focusing on a different aspect of FLL — hardware, software, project, and team. The workshop ended with a mini competition on the last day, with FRC mentors and alumni as judges.

The workshop was planned around Animal Allies — the FLL competition from the previous season — and the goal was to have each team create and code a robot that could complete the shark mission, as well as a project pertaining to an environmental problem affecting animals. There were also a few additional challenges added to the mix, including creating a small robot and programming it to climb a ramp. By the end of the workshop, all of the children had learned the basic parts that make up an FLL team, and at the same time, had developed lifelong team skills.


FLL Summer Workshops Kids got to learn the basics of FLL hardware and software as well as bond with each other over the course of these workshops