Introduced in 2011, CHSR's FTC division is for incoming 9th graders as well as sophomores, somewhat of a "JV League" for our organization. Since the formation of one team in 2011, we've found it necessary to add another team - and two more - and two more - and two more. The community's increased interest has contributed to this rapid growth. FTC is all about transition; we mean to shape middle schoolers over the course of two years into strong, hardworking, and skilled individuals whose potential is honed for FRC and beyond.

FTC has eight teams as of the 2018-19 season, all of which have performed admirably every year. last season, the formerly six teams attended four competitions over the course of 3 months and won over 10 awards for their hard work in multiple fields. These include software, team unity, robot performance, design, cad, and engineering journal. the previously six teams worked hard to get to what they achieved and they're all hoping for a great season ahead in the 2019-20 school year. Look below to get a larger overview of what our six teams are up to.


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FTC 13834

FTC 13834 has had an amazing season so far, filled with many highlights, listed below:

  • Creating a successful chassis, despite the numerous setbacks we experienced

  • Creating a unique latching mechanism

  • Receiving second place at our qualifier

Team 13834 won the finalist alliance award, and is currently in the lottery for regionals.

Going forward, we are excited to learn more about robotics through other side projects, and improve the functions of our robot. We are also excited to attend more outreach events, and spend time with our community. This season allowed us to make new friends, grow more in terms of technical and personal skills, and have fun while learning important concepts in the world of STEM.


FTC 6038

FTC 6038 (Tino Trekkers) started out as a collection of 11 individuals that barely knew each other. We were all reluctant to work with each other at first, but over time we grew and bonded as individuals. As a result, we grew as a team as well. A couple of the highlights of our season include:

  • Creating a successful latching mech

  • Bonding as a team

  • Learning technical skills in the field of robotics, while also learning skills such as communication and collaboration

In the future, we hope to improve our robot more, and get our robot into an even better shape. We also hope to spend more time as a team. Team 6038 was able to become a finalist alliance during our qualifier, and we are proud of how far we have come. All of us on Team 6038 have had an amazing season so far


FTC 7610

Team 7610 is making FTC robotics an opportunity to learn about the steps into building a successful robot because we want to be able to show the first years what the procedure of building a robot such as how to write a certain code for autonomous or how to build a mechanism on the robot. We also try to make this learning experience also fun for the first years because this engages them into interesting steps into the function of the robot. We are also looking forward to having a strong connect between each teammate because we want to have all of us be comfortable to talk each other and finding a solution to a problem during the whole season of robotics. We have learned a lot from each other, and have a had a lot of highlights throughout the season, such as:

  • Bonding with our team

  • Using CV to create a better autonomous.

Although we will not be heading to regionals, we are exciting to continue working on our robot and with our team.


FTC 11467

Team 11467 was created as an extension of Cupertino High School’s robotics program in 2016. This year, we have twelve members—six freshmen and six sophomores. For this season, we aim to collaborate to build a successful robot and a strong team, while working to spread awareness of what we do in FTC through outreach events. Throughout the year so far, we have made a lot of progress in terms of building the robot. Our major milestones are listed below:

  • finishing our chassis, complete with wheels and chains

  • After consulting with the mentors about the efficiency of our original idea for the latching mechanism, we rethought the design and decided to use a rack and pinion instead of a linear slide.

  • mounting our finished latching mechanism to the robot and getting it to successfully work

  • revising our latching mechanism design and making it use a hook for better stability

At our competition, our team won the Connect award, and is currently in a lottery to advance to regionals.

Over the course of the season, we have participated in many outreach events, and have had a great time together as a team.


FTC 13832

FTC Team 13832, Tino Dusty, is one of Cupertino High School’s twelve FIRST robotics teams.

Our team had a lot of amazing moments, but the greatest highlight for our season was probably the Santa Clara qualifier where we received the 1st Place Think Award, the 2nd Place Control Award and the 3rd place Inspire Award.

Team 13832 is currently gearing up for regionals, and we are excited to see how we perform at the competition in March.

Tino Dusty is dedicated to the common goal of building good hearted people and building a better robot. We want to be the best team possible while being graciously professional. When it comes to problem-solving, we like to choose the most simple and practical solution, as shown by our robot’s practical and effective mechanisms and our advanced teleop control code. During build season, we make sure to do our work well while also moving quickly. So far this season, we have learned essential hardware and software skills and gained much organizational and leadership experience. We are all very proud of everything our team has accomplished this season so far. We hope to keep learning new skills through our participation in FTC!


FTC 11466

We are FTC Team 11466, and we are a dedicated, passionate team of 11 freshmen and sophomores. Our journey as a team has had many ups and downs, but we are proud of how far we have come since we came together in August. Some of the highlights of our season together:

  • Creating a mission statement that defines our team.

  • As part of the club goal to increase outreach we helped host a workshop for girls and younger kids in elementary schools.

  • The design team gradually refined the design over time through a lot of discussion and a CAD model, and then built it successfully.

  • Coming up with ideas for our latching mechanism.

At our competition, our team won the Think award, and is currently in a lottery for regionals

Going forward, we hope to continue to improve our robot, but also to continue and increase our outreach efforts, for example through increasing diversity in our club. Because after this season is over, what will matter most won’t be the robot we built or the points we scored. What will matter most will be the friendships and memories we formed, the skills and values we learned, and the community we established.